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The Institution Service Assembly of Palettes Jacek Bronisz guides the production of dusseldorfer palettes 800x600 mm (DHP) and with the purchasing centre and with the repair of damaged palettes, and also with the delivery of palettes to the client.

The high standard of the production permits to us on the full satisfaction of requirements of Customers, and also committing itself of the readiness of the collection of activities, targeting the maintenance of the suitable quality of our palettes.

In our offer is found the palette executed from units wooden, metal and plastic, about measurements 800x600 mm and about the durability into 1500 kg, and junctive units , that is to say steel cannular rivets and annular nails assure the stability of the palette and the amalgamation all of her units into one stiff block.

On the special order we are in a position to prepare also non-typical palettes.

Palettes are stored conditioned of not creating of the risk of their soilure, the excessive sogginess and the damage.

We warrant the satisfaction from the use of our products and we assure their high grade, and throught the own transportation the continuity and the elasticity of deliveries of the ordered commodity.